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Friday, July 12, 2013

Science and Technology Issues in the 113th Congress

Frank Gottron, Coordinator
Specialist in Science and Technology Policy

Science and technology have a pervasive influence over a wide range of issues confronting the nation. Public and private research and development spurs scientific and technological advancement. Such advances can drive economic growth, help address national priorities, and improve health and quality of life. The constantly changing nature and ubiquity of science and technology frequently creates public policy issues of congressional interest.

The federal government supports scientific and technological advancement by directly funding research and development and indirectly by creating and maintaining policies that encourage private sector efforts. Additionally, the federal government establishes and enforces regulatory frameworks governing many aspects of S&T activities.

This report briefly outlines an array of science and technology policy issues that may come before the 113
th Congress. Given the ubiquity of science and technology and its constantly evolving nature, some science and technology related-issues not discussed in this report may come before the 113th Congress. The selected issues are grouped into 11 categories:

• Overarching S&T issues,

• Workforce and Education,

• Agriculture,

• Biomedical Research and Development,

• Defense,

• Space,

• Nanotechnology,

• Environment,

• Energy,

• Homeland Security, and

• Information Technology.

Each of these categories includes concise analysis of multiple policy issues. The information and analysis presented in this report should be viewed as introductory rather than comprehensive. Each section identifies available CRS reports and the appropriate CRS expert for further information and analysis. 

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